FairTrade General RequirementsFairtrade, its benefits and certification requirements for smallholder producers and traders

Sustainability & BiodiversityFairtrade environmental requirements for smallholder producers

Organisational DevelopmentGood governance for Fairtrade smallholder producers

Social ComplianceFairtrade's approach to gender equality and child labour

1. Training activities - Social compliance
2. Interactive tool - Child labour puzzle
3. Interactive tool - Child Labour mazes for boys & girls
4. Interactive tool - Gender Equality

This material contains instructions on the use of Fairtrade’s interactive training tools addressing gender equality and child protection from the perspective of the Fairtrade Standards. The child labour puzzle can be used to introduce the key concepts for the definition and understanding of child labour from a rights-based approach, and to initiate conversation about potential risks in producer communities. The puzzle should be solved in strips starting from the top, allowing gradual analysis through group discussion. This material can be used to start a conversation about suitable daily activities for children, both on the farm and in other areas of their lives, to introduce the subject of hazardous labour, to identify risks of child labour relevant to producers, and to introduce the Fairtrade Standards for Years 0 and 1 for Small Producer Organisations and Contract Production. This tool can be used during introductory workshops about Fairtrade Standards to initiate conversations about the role of women within the relevant organisation. Discussion and conversation should be considered as the starting point of a needs assessment to address gender issues within producer organisations.

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Trainer SupportGuidance on the use of the Producer Library, including suggested training activities

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